Code of Conduct for all Swimmers and Spectators

  • Swimmers must not eat at least 1 hour before the start time of their lesson.

  • No food should be consumed at any venue, on poolside or in the changing rooms.

  • All rubbish and dirty nappies should be disposed of in the appropriate bin. Nappies must not be left in open bins, even outside of the venue, and if bins are full, nappies/rubbish must be taken home.

  • Please do not arrive for lessons more than 15 minutes before the start time of the class, unless instructed to do so, and changing after lessons should be no longer than 15minutes unless indicated otherwise. 

  • All spectators and swimmers for classes are asked to sit quietly, and not cause disruption to the class taking place before or after their class.

  • All children on poolside, and all adults waiting for classes should ensure they are waiting away from poolside. No siblings, spectators or children waiting for lessons are permitted to be in the water, sitting/lying on the edge with their feet/arms in the pool

  • All jewellery/hair clips should be removed before entering the water. Plasters should also be removed before entering the water and no chewing gum is permitted in lessons.

  • No outdoor shoes are permitted on poolside or in changing rooms.

  • All children should arrive for lessons and should have showered, have long hair tied back/swimming hats on (where applicable)  and goggles fitted and ready to start, so this does not delay the start of the lesson.

  • Swimmers, parents/carers and spectators are requested not to interrupt or distract the pupils in the class where possible unless it is a matter of health and safety. All swimmers, parents/carers and spectators, are to refrain from running, shouting, jumping, throwing items and generally disruptive behaviour.​

  • All children in lessons leaving to go to the toilet must be supervised by their parent/carer at all times, and the instructor notified before they leave and return to the lesson. All children (under the age of 18) must have a parent/guardian at the venue at all times and they are responsible for their child if they need to leave the pool for any reason.

  • In all changing rooms (that are non communal) parents/guardians taking children in to change must use the changing room that applies to the parent/guardian. Once children are 8 years or older, or able to change without supervision, children should enter the appropriate changing room for them. If you need any assistance then please ask the Oxford Swimming Academy office




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