(3-13 years)

Mainstream classes develop children's aquatic skills, teaches them further water safety and distance swimming ability. They usually begin around age 3, with the instructor in the water until they are competent and ready to be independent, usually around Stage 3. Classes are still just as fun, with games and skills designed to ensure children keep enjoying swimming whilst learning! These classes do not require any parent or carer in the water. 

Why swim with us?

  • 5 per class for Stage 1 over the age of 4 years (6 max for Stages 2-7 and 8 max in Stage 8 upwards)

  • Classes are built not just on ability, but also in age groups, and we work hard to ensure a good group dynamic ensuring children get the very best from lessons

  • All our venues have spectators permitted!

  • Small venues have only one class running at a time to allow for full development (larger 25m venues have 2-3 lessons but classes still have a large area of the pool in which to swim, and access to 25m lengths and deep water where needed)

  • Sibling discounts available for all children in group lessons (Baby/PreSchool/Mainstream lessons)

  • Easy top up system for lessons and online payment - payments can be made in 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks at your preference

  • Collect swimming badges along the way (Swim England stage badges included, distance and achievement awards available for just £2 each)

Beginners lessons (Stage 1) are built in specific age categories so that children who are new to the pool learn in the best environment, and with others of a similar age for their own confidence building. This enables great progression and means the instructor can give feedback both individually and on a group level, and build up a rapport with the class and the parents/carers. We also work hard to use group and individual activities which ensures your child doesn't spend too much time 'hanging around' in the water waiting to take part, or getting bored and cold!


We welcome all children to group lessons. If your child has any learning difficulties or disabilities, please let the office know so we can advise further. Our instructors have experience with those with Autism, Asperger sydrome, and other learning difficulties, as well as working with those who have additional physical requirements.  Please feel free to discuss with us your child's needs so we can find the best class to enable them to achieve their goals and to enjoy the pool!