New Starters -Ages 3 years upwards and Mainstream lessons

Swimwear and Goggles

Children are required to be wearing suitable swimwear at all times during lessons. This is a top and bottoms for girls, or swimsuit, and fitted shorts for boys, no longer than the knees. If you have any questions on what is suitable then please do not hesitate to contact us. Goggles can be worn if they have been used previously - however please do not buy a new pair if they don't already use them. Your instructor will advise if and when they would benefit from them. Swimming hats are required at the following venues, and may be worn if preferred at others:

Headington School 

All other information can be found in the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

Venue information and directions

Radley College Pool

Radley College’s postcode is OX14 2HR. Radley College pool is situated in the Sports Complex entrance only. The other entrance to the College leads directly to the College, and the pool is not accessible from there. Upon entry into the Sports Complex driveway, follow the road around to the left, and then the right on a sharp corner, and the parking is clearly visible in front of the centre. 

On entering the building, the pool is to the right hand side, please follow the steps down and round to the right. The changing rooms are at the end on the left. Please be advised that the entrance from the changing rooms to poolside is straight onto poolside and near the deep end of the pool and as such all children should be well supervised. The changing area is communal, with all cubicles, however there are separate mens and women’s toilets and showers. Mens to the left, women to the right. There is also a separate area for ladies changing which is a larger closed off changing room which is near the toilets. There are lockers available should you wish to store belongings away, and these take a £1 coin. There are changing mats available for use and a changing table for these under 12 months.

There is space for spectators to sit on poolside, no seating however, to view the relevant class. Please feel free to ask friends/family to remove shoes and enter poolside to watch! There is also a viewing gallery above the pool and a seating area in the foyer which can be used. There are also vending facilities on site with a seating area to feed your little ones after lessons.

Lincoln Farm Park

The address is High Street, Standlake, OX29 7RH.

Lincoln Farm Park is clearly signposted on the High Street, and has parking available on site as you drive through. Please note that parking should be done in the relevant parking bays only. If there is no parking available, please park on the road, and then walk round to the pool. We ask that all swimmers arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the class start time. The pool is located in the wooden building on the right, and there is a small shop in the entrance. Please report to reception on arrival and they will direct you to the pool. 

There is an area to leave footwear on the way onto poolside, so please remove your shoes and socks before entering further. The facility has some cubicles for changing and the showers are also easily accessible on poolside. There is seating available for spectators. The pool has a travel cot and changing mats provided for use by our swimmers. Please do not bring car seats and prams into the venue.

There is no extra space at the venue reserved for feeding and there is no food permitted on poolside, but please feel free to feed babies should they need to before you leave. Any solid food and snacks should all be done once you have left the building for hygiene reasons.

Kingfisher School

Kingfisher School, Radley Road, Abingdon, OX14 3RR is situated off the main road. The venue has large gates and these are open once the school day has finished. There is parking on site at the venue and all spaces may be used during our session as the school is not in use. Please ensure that all parking is considerate to other swimmers, and that the speed limits are followed. There is also additional parking on street, and on side roads nearby if the car park is full. 


Please ensure all shoes and shoes are removed before entering the changing rooms. There are both male and female changing, and these both have entrances onto poolside through the showers. Please note that the changing rooms open out onto the deep end of the pool and as such all siblings and swimmers should be supervised for safety.

There is space for spectators on poolside, although there is not much seating.

Headington School

Please note that all swimmers and anyone being dropped off for lessons, must use the entrance off the Headington Road only, by the B3 bus stop. This entrance is just passed Gypsy Lane on the left  as you come from Headington towards Oxford. This entrance is small, so we do advise going slowly past the other school entrances, and you will see it, just as you feel you may have gone too far! There is no gate on the entrance, only small ‘entrance’ signs. No other entrances should be used into the site. This is a one way system, and the entrance has no gate into the facility. Parking bays are available through this one way drive, and the exit is via the wooden gate as marked. The exit gate is kept shut but will open once you drive up close towards it.


The pool is located behind the main building in front of you as you enter the site, so please park and then walk around the back of this building by the tennis courts. the path will lead you round the back of the sports hall, towards the astro turf, and then turns to the right and the pool will then be visible. Parking bays should be used considerately, and the ones marked 'drop off’ only are in use in the evening for parking for lessons. 

The entrance foyer has plenty of space to remove shoes and socks before entering the changing rooms. The changing rooms have showers and toilets, with hairdryers in the ladies changing room. Please note that the changing rooms open out onto the deep end of the pool and as such all siblings and swimmers should be supervised for safety.

Harwell School Pool

Harwell School’s postcode is OX11 0HX. The school is located in The Styles, and there is parking in the school for both after school, and Saturday mornings classes. Being a school site, there is limited parking available, but there is plenty of parking on the surrounding roads in the area. We ask please that all clients park within allocated bays on site, and park carefully and considerately on the surrounding streets. We do politely ask that the speed restrictions are followed both on site and on the surrounding streets, as it is a residential area.

The facility is a school pool, and as such has simple changing facilities. There are both boys and girls changing rooms, but there is limited space for changing. We ask please that swimmers arrive no more than 15 minutes before class, to allow the class before to have changed and left the building. Please remove all socks and shoes before entering the building.

There is space for spectators to sit to view the relevant class. Please feel free to remove your shoes and enter poolside to watch! If you are bringing siblings to watch then please ensure that they are not permitted to run around the poolside area, and are closely supervised.

As usual with all our classes, please ensure that no food is consumed on the premises, and that all rubbish is taken home with you. This includes any nappies and drinks bottles. We ask that you help us leave the facility as it is found. 


Jury's Inn

The address is Godstow Road, Wolvercote Roundabout, Oxford, OX2 8AL

The Leisure Centre is in the main entrance to the hotel, so please park and then enter reception. The Leisure Club is the turning to the right before the restaurant. Upon entry to the Leisure Club, please stop at reception and enter your car registration to enable your free parking! Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for class. There is a seating area should you wish to feed little ones after class, however please ensure that all rubbish is cleared away and that no mess is left behind. 

There are changing facilities down the steps to the left, and there is space to change your little one, and changing mats are provided. Please note that the towels behind reception are not there for use by us, however please feel free to pay the 50p and use one if you ever forget yours!

As with all venues, please ensure all rubbish and all nappies are taken home with you and not left in the bins on site. 

Eynsham Community Primary School

The address is Eynsham School, Beech Road, Eynsham, OX29 4LJ

The school venue has parking available on site during the school holidays. Please drive carefully through the residential area to the school and follow all parking and school speed restrictions. The car park in the school has allocated spaces, so please park here and walk the short distance to the pool. Someone will be there to guide you on the first lesson. If there is no parking available on the school site for any reason, please park on the roads nearby, and walk the short distance back into the venue. Please ensure all parking restrictions are followed, and please park considerately. 

The venue is a basic, outdoor school swimming pool, and has a simple changing block adjacent to the pool. There are no showers and although there are toilets on site they are across the path,  and these will be shown to you upon arrival. 

The venue has space for spectators, however we ask that because this space is very close to poolside, all spectators and any siblings watching lessons are not permitted to run around poolside, and we ask that anyone waiting is quiet so as not to disturb the class in the pool. Please do not permit younger siblings, or those watching classes to sit on poolside, or on the step entry to the pool. 

As with all venues, please ensure all rubbish and any nappies/food waste are taken home with you and not left in the bins on site.  

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please contact the office directly! If we are unable to answer the phone, please leave us a message and an email/text so we can contact you as soon as possible!