Where can I find the link to Course Pro to follow my child's progress?

You can click the link on the email confirmation you receive, or you can type in 'oxfordswimmingacademy.courseprogress.co.uk' and you will be able to log in, or register on the right hand side.

My classes have run out as I forgot to top up - how can I book back in?

If you have received an email that your classes have run out, please ensure you contact the office as soon as possible to get the correct details to book back into classes. Please note that without a class place, and if your child's name is not on the register for lessons, our instructors are not allowed to permit swimming until this has been confirmed with the office and may result in them missing a class if it is out of office hours. If you have received the notice in error, please contact the office as soon as possible to confirm payment. 


What levels do you run?


We run alongside the Swim England Criteria, from Discovery Ducklings and Ducklings for Babies and Toddlers, right through to the Swim England Stages 1-7 for Mainstream lessons. We also continue into classes for Stage 8 upwards with 1 hour sessions. Courses and criteria are added to and built upon to continue children's development through the programme, so there are some additional developments and distances that help to keep the flow through levels in the programme. We also run a range of Development Courses, which take elements from these and combine them with Swim England Water Safety and Water Skills levels for those who have completed Swim England Stage 4 and upwards. 


My Home Portal is showing as 100% and the badge has been awarded but I have not been asked to move class. Do I need to do anything?


Our classes are built on both age, ability and confidence, and take into consideration each child's needs and also the group dynamic for learning so that they get the best from lessons. Although we follow Swim England levels, children follow through a fluid journey.. some children at the end of Stage 1 may be completing similar skills to those who are starting Stage 2, and if a group dynamic is working brilliantly, then children will not be required to move lessons automatically if they have achieved an award, but if the instructor feels this may be more beneficial for them. We will contact you if your child needs to move class, or if we feel they are starting to progress quickly and need a new learning environment!


I’m sure I’ve seen my child complete some of the skills allocated for their level – why are they not ticked as completed?


All swimmers must show consistency in the skills they deliver, so they should be showing confidence in the skill regularly. Our instructors are looking for a full range of confidence, skills and practices, and will only tick items as done if they are happy it is showing all the elements needed, and are confident the skill will take them forwards to the next level. For example a push and glide may have been shown in standing depth water, but perhaps the teacher wants to assess in deep water too. Instructors are building an all round confidence and safety in water and ensuring they both enjoy the pool and are always progressing, and this means making sure they are fully prepared, and will be capable starting the next level when they are ready. The criteria for Swim England are available to follow online, but they are often large skills that have many parts which are broken down by instructors - it may take a while to move from 'Needs Practisse' to 'Achieved' whilst the many parts of skills are being completed.


I’ve seen my child doing some skills which look like they are in the next level up criteria – why is this if they haven’t passed their current stage?


Instructors will always be looking to progress and challenge children where appropriate! If children are demonstrating strength in some skills in the stage but not in all of them, they may be unable to move level just yet but the skills they can do will be progressed! We provide a fluid journey through the levels, if they are in Stage 3 for example, there is no reason they won’t be doing one or two of the Stage 4 criteria where appropriate added into other things. This helps to build strength and stamina, and ensures that if they are still working on aspects of the level for a little while, they are always doing new and challenging things!


My child has been awarded a badge, when can I collect this?


All badges and certificates are available to collect on the first lesson of the new half term. 



Does my child need goggles for lessons?


If your child is wearing goggles and is comfortable wearing them, then yes please make sure they have them for the lesson. If your child has not been wearing goggles and is confortable without them, then please hold off – your instructor will advise if and when they think they need goggles! If your child is under 3, we recommend holding off on goggles until the instructor thinks they may be useful – it is important children are confident without them too!


My child’s class were asked to take their goggles off to jump in one week– why is this?


We are teaching children to be confident in a range of skills including water safety. When ready, children should be confident entering the water without goggles and able to open their eyes and see where they need to hold on – it is a vital safety skill!


Do I need to bring armbands or floats for my child’s lessons?


Instructors will use float back packs and woggles where appropriate for lessons, but may want them to learn to climb in without them– please arrive for lessons without floats on.


My child’s instructor has classes straight after so I can’t ask them a question– how can I find out what I need to?


We want to make sure we can give you feedback and information in a less busy environment and take the time to give you what you need to know. If there is a pool supervisor at the venue, please ask them if you have any questions, and then if they can’t help, they will feedback to the office and we will get in touch with you.  If there isn’t, please contact the office directly and we will be happy to help!

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please contact the office directly!