Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch my child swim?

All of our venues have spectators permitted; we do not swim anywhere you are not able to watch your child swim! We do ask however that all spectators follow our Code of Conduct to ensure swimmers in the water are not disturbed.

Can I try a class before booking on?


We offer a free trial for all our Adult and Child group classes if you need to see what level they need, or just would like to attend the venue/time to ensure this works before booking. We also offer a half hour trial for adult group lessons.

What age can I start swimming with my baby?

Babies can begin lessons at our current venues from 12 weeks old (or 12lbs in weight), please do feel free to book onto our waiting list if your little one is younger than this, so they are ready to go! 



Do classes run in term time?


We run a continuous programme of lessons throughout the school terms, and term dates are posted in advance. We also run separate intensive swimming lessons during some school holidays which can be booked by both current swimmers and new starters.

Can I take photos?


We are very sorry but photos are not permitted in any lessons where there are no parents/guardians in the pool. Adult and Child lessons are only permitted to have photographs taken on full consent of the whole class and the instructor. No videos may be taken of any lessons running.

Do I have to pay in advance?


We run a continuous programme, so once you have booked your initial classes, you will be required to top up your account before your last class to keep your class place. Lessons can be booked in advance in 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks at your preference.

How many children are in a class?

Our Adult and Child classes have a maximum of 6 swimmers per lesson. Mainstream classes have 5 or 6 maximum depending on the pool space available/current restrictions, and level of those swimming. There are 4 per class for PreSchool lessons with no Parent/Guardian in the water or Transition Courses. 

What if I can't make my usual class?


If you can’t make a class for any reason please let us know! We will endeavour to find a catch up class for you at an alternative time/venue and this class can be taken at any point within 3 months providing you are in paid up lessons.

What happens if my child has been ill can they still swim? (not relating to COVID-19 symptoms) 


Children/Adults must not enter the pool less than 48 hours after any sickness or diarrhoea. If your you or your child is ill and will miss a class, please let the office know so we can try and find an alternative catch up lesson when they are better. Children with ear, chest or eye infections should also not swim until it is fully cleared, and we ask if anyone has anything that could be infectious to please not attend class until it has been cleared by a doctor. All swimmers/spectators and parents/guardians should follow Government guidelines with regard to COVID 19 and not attend class unless it is safe to do so to ensure the safety of all involved. 

Can someone else attend class with my little one?


Of course! There is only space for one adult in the pool with each child, but you are very welcome to change who enters the water if you would like. We ask that only one adult completes each class, as swapping mid lesson can be very disruptive for all involved.


Do you have teaching assistants for lessons?


We keep our classes small and run lessons on ability as well as age, so teachers are able to provide the best lessons they can. Some venues, or deeper water venues have teaching assistants where needed to help with classes for extra support where needed. 

My child only swims with armbands/a float jacket - do I need to bring these to lessons?


We use flotation devices in lessons where needed, and these are provided by the instructor for use in the lesson. Please have your child arrive for lessons without any armbands/float jackets on so that our instructors can use their floats and equipment when needed, and can assist them to learn buoyancy and confidence without them.

Does my child need a swimming hat/goggles?


Swimming hats are a requirement at some pools, please ensure that you check the pool information when you book in. Goggles are not a requirement unless they have been used before and your child is happy to wear them. If your toddler begins swimming with us without them, your instructor will guide you if/when they think they will be of use - you do not need to purchase goggles specifically to swim with us.

My child hasn’t swam before and are nervous, can they still join lessons?


We welcome all ages and abilities to our lessons, and will do everything we can to support your child and help them relax and learn to love the water. Toddlers who are new to swimming will begin with a parent/guardian in the water and will start activities gently and at their own pace. Once they are relaxing and enjoying it, they will be guided to increase skills and independent work. Older children beginning will be allocated spaces in classes of a similar age as well as ability to ease the transition into lessons and to ensure they grow in confidence. Support will be given by the instructor and the office ensure things are progressing and are there to answer any questions you may have.

What levels do you run?

We run alongside the STA International Learn to Swim programme, which means that right from the very beginning, swimming level badges can be awarded once criteria have been completed. The levels are designed to provide motivation and challenges to collect awards along their swimming journey.

What awards and certificates can my child receive?

When an award has been issued, an email will be sent to you to let you know! This will give you the options and information to purchase the digital certificate (£2 each). These personalised awards are sent directly to you, with options to upload them to social media, or download for you to use or print off as you wish!

How will I know what level my child is on and what they are working on?


Once you are booked into lessons, you will have access to your own individual ‘Home Portal’ which will allow you to make your online payments, as well as follow your child’s progress. Criteria for each level will be show there, along with how far they have got with the skill, and when it has been completed.



My child has just finished a level but is still in a mixed class and hasn't been asked to move groups - how does this work?


We run a progressive swimming journey, so groups may have a current level and the next level up. For example, a class may have some children who have just finished a stage, along with those who are just completing the last criteria of this stage, but all completing similar work in the pool. If the group dynamic works well and children are learning and progressing well, then we will keep the class the same unless we think individuals are not getting what they need from lessons. A good group dynamic is important for lessons to help encourage and challenge them!



My child has been in a stage for a long time and are struggling to complete the last skills. How do you keep them interested and learning new things?


Classes often have skills from higher levels added in where appropriate. If children are reaching the end of a stage, we will begin to add progressions of skills in to keep them improving on the skills they have whilst cementing the ones they need to finish. You will see this on your Home Portal, as the criteria from the new level up will be added. Instructors work hard to keep each individual interested and motivated in classes and it is important to built on the strengths that children have! 

Can't find the information you were looking for?. .. Don't hesitate to ask the office if you have any specific questions, and we will be happy to help!