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Jury's Inn, Oxford

Jury's Inn, Godstow Road, Wolvercote Roundabout, Oxford, OX2 8AL

The recently refurbished Jury's Inn Leisure Club offers free parking and modern changing facilities. We have 1-1 sessions available on Thursdays between 1.30-2.30pm.

Arriving at the venue

The Leisure Club is in the main entrance to the hotel, so please park and then enter reception. The Leisure Club turning is to the right, just before the restaurant. Upon entry to the Leisure Club, please stop at reception and enter your car registration to claim your free parking! 

Important Information

Please note that we do not have exclusive use of this venue during our swim time, and the pool has a section specifically booked for our 1-1 lessons. 

Changing and Spectating

There are changing facilities down the steps of the reception at the Leisure Club, and down to the left. There is space to change, and changing mats are provided if you need them. Please note that the towels behind reception are not there for use by us, however please feel free to pay the 50p and use one if you ever forget yours!

Spectators are welcome poolside, please remove shoes and socks, and take a seat on poolside.

 There is a seating area should you wish to feed little ones after class.