Specialist Courses

Sibling Courses

Do you have two children under the age of 4, but are unable to find classes for them without needing another pair of hands to watch or change one, whilst you swim with the other? Here at Oxford Swimming Academy, we want to be able to encourage everyone to keep swimming with their children. We have a specifically designed sibling course, which allows one adult to swim with one baby, and one older child under 4. We have very small numbers in class, and this helps to give our instructor the chance to give individual feedback and help in the water. These courses are designed to teach toddlers, or children ages 3-4, how to be more confident, and help them become more independent in the water, when they are not yet at a stage where they can enter the water without you! This then helps them move into our classes without an adult in the water, or our transition courses when they are ready. They can learn to enjoy the water, and learn swimming and safety skills, with yours, and the instructor’s support. Babies will learn basic water skills, confidence, and will start their swimming journey as well, with skills from our Baby Programme. Once you have a confident older swimmer and they are ready to swim without an adult, class options can be found for you both into separate levels. Radley College pool on Wednesday and Thursday mornings even have two classes running at the same time, so classes can be taken at the same time (depending on levels!)


Transitional Courses

We know that there are many children who start to need more independent lessons, even from as young as 2.5 years. Some are ready to make a leap to swimming independently without an adult in the water, and others need a slightly more gentle lead up to this type of lessons. We run courses, built specifically for these age groups, which start with an adult in the water, and then lead you through skills and development, and ends with your little one entering the pool on their own, and the leap to independence completed! These lessons are also a fantastic way for children aged 3-5 to begin, especially those who are very nervous, have struggled to begin lessons on their own, or for those who just need a slower pace of change. 


Twin Lessons (Ages 2-4 years)

We know that it is often hard to find a other pair of hands to help swimming two little ones at the same time! Once little ones are two years old, we have courses for you to swim both children with just one adult in the pool. Classes run in a similar format to our Sibling Courses, and we do our best to support and guide you in the water. We have very small numbers in class, and this helps to give our instructor the chance to give individual feedback and help in the water. We aim to get your little ones more confident moving around the water, with the use of buoyancy aids where appropriate, and give them the chance to get water confident! Classes will then progress into a Stage 1 class, or a Transitional class where appropriate to start your exit from the water, and start their journey into classes on their own.

Development Sessions

We run alongside Swim England levels, but we also run additional levels to help children obtain their goals, and to give them the class that is best suited to their needs. Many children do not wish to swim competitively, but still want to continue learning, or challenging themselves with other skills. This may be more survival based; learning safety skills, water polo skills, swimming for strength or mobility, or simply enjoying swimming with friends regularly for fun and fitness. Once children have completed Stage 4, 5 or 6, we offer Development Stages which include a wider range of skills, including personal survival and water safety. The sessions are focused on building each child's individual strength, whether that is a particular stroke they can achieve over larger distances perhaps, and helping guide them in an all-round positive attitude to the water. 


Private Classes

If you have a private pool available to you and would prefer classes there, perhaps individually or with friends, our instructor can come to you! All of our classes, including parent and baby classes, are available dependant on space and depth of water so please feel free to contact the office to discuss further.