Course Pro/Home Portal Information



We use the CoursePro system to enable all swimmers to top their classes up online, to make it easier for you to keep your swimming booking, and to send reminders for payments.. as well as confirming awarded badges and cancelling classes as quickly and efficiently as we can.


The system is not set up to take new bookings, but it is meant for topping up your booking to continue in classes. If you are new to lessons, or have not topped up lessons and the class booking has run out, classes will need to be booked with the office, and paid via direct transfer.




Payment for classes will initially be made via direct transfer, and we will book you into your class and add you to the system. This will send you a confirmation of classes, and the dates included in your booking. Please do ensure you receive this, and check your junk mail in case it has gone there by mistake. 


Once you are booked in, classes can be topped up using the online ‘Home Portal’. To register into this, simply click the link in your booking confirmation email, and register on the right hand side of the page. The link can also be found below:




Once logged in you will be able to see your class details, and you can add other children to this account if you have more than one child booked in. 


Payment Reminders:


Once your booking has 2 classes left, you will receive your first reminder to top up lessons. We will also send a reminder automatically when you have just 1 class left. The booking can also be checked through your ‘Home Portal’ to check how many lessons you have left, and it will have a clear marker if payment is required. 


IMPORTANT - If you do not top up your account before the start time of your last booked lesson, once that last class has finished, the system will automatically send an email to confirm your are no longer booked in and your class is no longer booked moving forwards. You will not be able to make a top up online, as the booking has expired. If you wish to change class or move days, please ensure your account is still topped up, and contact us to locate a new class option, as your booking will simply be transferred into the new class time (rather than making a new booking from scratch!)


Top Ups and Term Dates:


Top ups for bookings can now be booked in 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks depending on your preference. If you top up and the next block runs over term dates where we are not swimming (half terms, pool closures etc) the confirmation email will confirm which dates are not included and will automatically run your booking for the number of lessons you have booked. Likewise, if we have to cancel a lesson for any reason, the system will automatically credit your account with the cost of the lessons missed, and will delay your requirement to top up. 


Term dates are all available on the website. Please do ensure that you check the term dates to ensure you do not miss a lesson and pop holiday dates in the diary!




If you have any further questions - please do take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for current swimmers, as this hopefully will answer anything you may be unsure of. If it doesn’t.. please do not hesitate to contact the office!