PreSchool Classes

(18 months-4 years)

Our classes are designed to provide a safe and happy environment for your little one to learn and experience new challenges, and the water provides excellent physical and developmental benefits. Toddler led activities in part provide a chance to explore and discover, and our instructors will create a fun and friendly atmosphere for little ones to learn swimming and water safety skills. 


Beginner classes are centred around water confidence, floatation and learning basic movements, giving them the basis for all their future swimming achievements. New swimmers are encouraged to enjoy being in the water and become comfortable with the sensation of floating independently. Lessons offer a wonderful way for toddlers to begin swimming with the comfort and support of a parent/guardian in the water with them. (Please note that little ones are not required to submerge under the water, and full underwater activities will only take place once they are happy to do so.) 


If your little one is confident in the water, then it’s time to build on all those important swimming and safety skills! Toddlers who have completed lessons before, and are comfortable in the water, will be encouraged towards less supported skills when they are ready.

Stage 1P (ages 2.5-4yrs)

Our specially developed transition classes are perfect for those who are not quite ready to swim in lessons on their own, but are ready to move on from the Adult and Child lesson format.


These classes are designed for those who may be more nervous, those who haven't taken lessons before, or those who simply need a slower pace in starting independent lessons without you in the pool.


Why swim with us?

  • Free Trial class available, and a 4 week initial enrolment option.

  • A full range of classes for all confidence levels 

  • Spectators welcome at all our venues

  • Easy and flexible online payments - choose from 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks on each payment.

  • A focus on building confidence and enjoying their learning experience

  • Collect Swim England stage badges along the way, at no extra cost, to celebrate your little one's achievements

  • Adult and Child classes have 6 maximum per lesson, and just 4 swimmers per class in PreSchool Stage 1.

  • We offer a catch up lesson where possible if you miss a class (see terms and conditions for full details).

Sibling/Twin Lessons

Sibling Courses

These are the perfect interim swimming lesson when you have a toddler who isn't ready to swim on their own, and a new baby ready to start on their swimming journey. We run with smaller numbers than Adult and Child classes so your instructor can give specific attention and guidance, and help toddlers learn to move freely with floats, and make the steps to lesson on their own. At the same time, babies can begin to grow in confidence in the water and complete activities from our baby programme. 

Twin classes

These lessons run for little ones aged 2 years upwards, and need just one adult in the pool. These courses will also run with smaller numbers than Adult and Child lessons to enable your instructor to guide and help them become more independent in the pool, and start their journey to water confidence.. and to lessons without you in the pool!

Enquire with us to find a class or book your free trial!




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