Returning to the Pool 

My child hasn't had lessons in a year, will they need a different level when they go back?

We know that many children have had a long gap from the pool, and all children have had another pause over the winter. We will not be moving children back a level so they do not feel disheartened when they return to classes. Lessons will begin with this gap in mind however, and children will cover all the basics and essential skills needed first, and may run at a slightly slower pace initially to ensure they all settle back into lessons.

My toddler was just starting to get confident before this last lockdown, will they have lost their confidence?


We have now reopened Baby and PreSchool classes after two lockdowns, and each time were very pleased to see just how quickly they launched back into it all. Each child will of course approach the return to lessons differently, and we know that some will be a little nervous and we will be prepared to go at their own pace. We will be focusing skills and activities to help them relax and continue to build a positive relationship with the water, and your instructor will guide you in what to do and how to help your little one.

My toddler has had a few lessons between lockdowns, but with no consistency. Will they be behind?

So many little ones are in the same boat after this last year, and we know that they will have so much to experience when lockdown opens further. It is so important that at a young age, we are ensuring that each baby/toddler is happy in the water, that they are feeling safe, and given the opportunity to explore, play and develop in the pool as this provides the building blocks to learning to swim when they are physically ready. When they return to the pool, we will be ready to continue their swimming journey and providing they are in the right environment, they will be learning and getting everything they need. 

My child was swimming with a parent in the water, but now are old enough to start without. Will I still get in?

Lessons are following the swimming guidance that we are given, and at the moment instructors are still required to teach out of the water. All lessons that were running with a parent/guardian in the water will continue like this until we advise that this can/will be able to change.



My child doesn't need a parent in the water but I've been asked to get back in the pool with them, why is this?


As per the guidance for running lessons at the moment, instructors are required to teach out of the water. This means that at some venues or in deeper water depending on our risk assessments, to ensure the safety of all children and to ensure the appropriate distancing is followed, an extra pair of hands is required. This will change as and when children become confident, or when guidelines change. The office will notify you as soon as we can change the format. 

Will my child's teacher still be in the water?


Full risk assessments are taken and regularly updated for all venues. As per the guidance for running lessons now, instructors are required to teach out of the water. We look at all elements of building a child's confidence, and ensuring that they are safe in the pool environment for their lessons. Instructors will be adapting their teaching and the skills they deliver to begin with and ensure buoyancy aids are used safely whilst children are regaining their confidence. Each venue will be different and we will send all the details of the teacher, who will meet you there, and all the changing/spectating details so you can feel as relaxed as possible on arrival at the first class back. 

Do you practice social distancing in classes?


Children are currently still counted as having to following distancing requirements. Guidelines change regularly, and we will update you if they do, but lessons will run with children being given the appropriate distance between them. Spectators must also follow correct distancing regulations.

What safety procedures are you using?

All venues will have a different policy for providing lessons, and we have our own full set of risk assessments, policies and teaching adaptations and skills for delivering lessons in a COVID safe environment. You will receive all the safety and arrival information for your pool before you come back to lessons. All government guidelines are being followed, and the health and safety of everyone involved is of the upmost importance. .

Can I still watch my child swim?


We do not swim at any venues which do not allow spectators. The only time this may change is due to government guidelines. Venues previously had one spectator permitted per child in the pool to follow the correct distancing regulations, but you will be updated on this before your arrival at the first class back, and we will update everyone should this rule have to be changed for a short period.

What happens if my child needs help with their goggles or hat in the lesson?


At the moment, instructors will be out of the water, and to ensure the guidelines are followed, they will not be able to assist with hats or goggles. Spectators will be required to assist children should they need help in lessons, and should ensure that children arrive at the lesson with their hat and goggles on, ready to go. 

Should I book private classes to help my child catch up?


We know how frustrating it has been to be away from the pool for so long, and we know many of you worried about your child having lost so much time learning.. If you would like to look at private classes, please do feel free to contact us as we may have extra sessions available during intensive courses but please don't worry if you can't find a slot or can't find the time to book extra lessons. Children will enjoy having fun as a class as they all return to the pool together and with regular classes, we expect all children to be back on track with their swimming journeys again in no time!

If you can't find the answer to your questions here, or are are still worried about returning to lessons, please don't hesitate to ask the office.. we will be happy to talk it through with you.