At Oxford Swimming Academy, we are dedicated to excellent tuition, great customer service and fun, enjoyable classes. We have over 12 years swim teaching experience, and are passionate about teaching and encouraging everyone to love the water! We teach classes right from the first splashes with your new baby, to private lessons, group classes, adult lessons, and dedicated time with individuals with learning and physical disabilities. We work with flexibilty and determination to use our experience to achieve positive outcomes. 


The Foundations of The Academy

Our aim is for everyone to feel confident, safe and happy in the water - It's as simple as that! We believe everyone should be able to swim, it is an incredibly valuable skill that could save your life, or the life of someone you love. In this though, we aim to teach a love for swimming, and delivering this in an individual and personalised way for anyone who joins us! Whether you chose group or private lessons, our instructors will work with each individual to get the best from lessons and to build confidence. 

Whatever age you or your child may be, swimming can bring such wonderful rewards. For babies and toddlers, the physical and developmental benefits of the water, and classes, can do so much for muscle strength, coordination and social skills to name just a few! Something as simple as learning to follow instructions, embracing the class environment, or handing toys back when required are also part of it! Children learning to swim brings so many benefits, not just for their confidence and skills, but also in developing their communication skills with the instructor and with others in the group. As they continue into the programme, building their love of water into not just a competitive world, but offering specialist courses which gives them a love for swimming for fitness whilst challenging themselves in new skills and goals, which will benefit them throughout their life.

We have adults learning to swim who have begun from the very beginning stages, with no water skills at all, and guiding them towards independent swims and being safe in the water is so rewarding. We want to help everyone achieve their personal goals and give them the self confidence to enjoy the water for whatever reason. We have many adults learning to swim just so they can enjoy the water with children or grandchildren, which is just wonderful!


We love the water, and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do! Please take a look at our lessons for more information, but whatever your swimming enquiry, we would love to hear from you and hope to see you in the pool very soon!


                                            Abigail Parkin (House)

                                           Founder and Instructor

If you hadn't already guessed, I love being in water! Whether that is in the pool teaching, on holiday in the sea, or taking my nephews and niece to the pool to play. Outside of water related activities, I enjoy going to the gym and cooking!

I began teaching 12 years ago after an ex olympic swimmer, the manager of the swim scheme I was lifeguarding for, suggested I get teaching and I haven't looked back! I hold my Level 1 and 2 Swim England (Previously ASA) swimming teaching qualification, Baby and PreSchool Teaching Award, and have been trained in house at a week long intensive baby and preschool training for a previous swimming school. I am also a fully qualified lifeguard, pool plant level 3 operator, and a fully qualified lifeguard trainer assessor!

                                               Nigel Parkin



Sadly I will not have the opportunity to meet all our clients at the pool, but my role in our business involves looking after the all important business functions, including our Instructor's certifications, and our links with Swim England. I have always spent my life close to the water and swam at a high level as a junior, as well as enjoying a surf when back home in South Africa. 

Through my passion of archery I have come to enjoy coaching and hope to soon persue a coaching qualification in Swimming and then get more involved in the operational side of OSA. I hope you all really enjoy our lessons!