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Children's Lessons

(4-13 years)

Our classes are a progressive swimming journey that run alongside the STA International Learn to Swim Programme. We work to ensure each class has a great group dynamic, and has children all of a similar age and ability, so they are getting the best they can from each lesson. We focus on each individual in a group with both feedback and encouragement, and do our best to ensure they are progressing and growing in confidence on their swimming journey. This includes being challenged as both an individual and as part of a team, whilst learning vital water safety and swimming skills, and continuing to build their love of the water!

Lesson Prices

Half Hour Group Lesson - £11.50

Half Hour Additional Sibling Discount - £10.50

Half Hour Private Class (1-1 or 1-2 format) - £31.50

Holiday Group Course (5 days) - £57.50

Holiday Private Course (5 days) - £157.50

Ages and Levels

Children's classes are normally grouped in the following categories:

Ages 4-5.5yrs, Ages 5.5-7yrs and Ages 7yrs+

Not sure what level you need? This guide should help.. but please ask the office if you are unsure on which level is best:

New Starters 

New to lessons or nervous, can paddle with a back float/support aid and woggle, not confident with water on the face/blowing bubbbles


Can travel more confidently with floats/woggles and able to blow bubbles


Can travel with just floats, confident in the water and able to put faces in, can paddle or trying to swim


Can swim 2-5m without floats on front or back. Able to submerge fully and jump in.


Can swim 5-10m. Able to swim this distance on front and back. Confident in deeper water.


Can swim 15-20m front and back. Confident in deeper water.


Can swim 25m+. Confident in deeper water.

Why swim with us?

  • All our venues have spectators permitted

  • We take care to ensure classes have plenty of pool space

  • Easy Direct Debit Payment for Classes

  • Online Credit/Debit Card Payments for Holiday Courses

  • Swimming Awards available to celebrate your child's progress (no obligation to purchase at a small extra fee) 

  • Our swimming instructors are a highly experienced team who work together with the office to continually develop their skills and to deliver their best each lesson!


Private Classes

We run private classes at our venues in specific time slots, and include private lessons in all our holiday intensive courses. 

Private lessons can be tailored specifically to improving a stroke, for working on breathing practices, and are especially good for building confidence for those who are more nervous - it is amazing to see the progress that can be achieved in a half hour lesson!


We welcome all children into our group lessons and we will discuss the class options and venues with you before booking on to ensure the learning environment will suit them best. Where needed, classes also have a teaching assistant to support. Our instructors have experience with those with ASD, ADHD and other learning needs, as well as working with those who have additional physical requirements.  We will do our best to find the best class to enable your child to achieve their goals, and to enjoy the water

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