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Bloxham School

Banbury Road, Bloxham, OX15 4PE

Bloxham School Pool has warm water and has both shallow and deep water which makes it a great venue for all levels. Splash Academy Classes run late on Saturday afternoons, with Private and Group Spaces available. 

Class Spaces

4.30pm - Explorers (3.5-4.5yrs) - Parent in the Water 

5.30pm - Private 




Already booked into lessons?

 If you are already booked in for lessons, please find the venue information below. 

Arriving at the venue 

Please note that all swimmers must use the Main School Car Park, which is in the main school entrance off the High Street and into the school. The entrance takes you round to the right hand side and there are parking spaces available. Once parked, swimmers should exit the school site through the archway, and walk the short distance back down the High Street, towards the shops, and you will see a left hand gravel entrance which takes you directly to the pool. Please enter the driveway, and the pool buidling is straight ahead.

Please the following photos to guide you:



Swimming Pool Building

There are stairs to the left hand side to access this, and at the top of these, to the right, are the changing room doors, which are the entrance to the facility. 










Important Information 

Please note there is no access available to the venue by any other route through the school site, and there is no parking available in the car park closest to the pool as this is residential use only.

Swimming hats must be worn by all swimmers at this pool. 

Please note that the entrance to poolside opens out onto deeper water, and as such all siblings and swimmers should be supervised at all times for safety.

Changing and Spectating

On entry to the changing rooms, please remove shoes and socks. There are showers, and space to change. Doors from the changing rooms at the other side enter poolside. There is plenty of space for spectators to watch the class.

Spectators are welcome to remove shoes and socks and enter poolside and take a seat.

We look forward to welcoming you to the pool!

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