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Splash Academy Classes

Ages 3 months to 4 years

Dippers (3-6months) and Splashers (6-12months) are designed for your baby to begin experiencing the wonderful sensory world that the water brings. Lessons are delivered to nurture positive experiences with you in the pool, that bring a lifelong love of the water.

As your little one progresses through the programme, or joins us in our more active Divers and Paddlers Classes, we begin encouraging independent movement and entries, and we begin our journey to blowing bubbles, whilst learning more about the wonderful watery world around them!

Dippers 3-6months

Splashers 6-12months

Divers 12-20months

Paddlers 20-30months

Kickers 2.5-3.5yrs

Kickers 2 (confident swimmers) 2.5-3.5yrs

Explorers 3.5-4.5yrs

Explorers 2 (confident swimmers) 3.5-4.5yrs

Kickers and Explorers Classes create a safe and happy learning environment, where they can grow in confidence, explore and develop their water safety skills. Kickers Classes have a parent in the water and when little ones are ready, we will guide you both through the transition to independent lessons. Explorers swimmers can have a parent in the pool to begin, and we will discuss the format your little one may need with you before booking.

Classes run alongside the STA Starfish and Stanley levels, which means you will be able to collect awards on the way through the programme! 

Why Chose Us?



We also offer periods of discounted lessons at certain venues - watch out for our £5 classes!



Splash Academy Classes run with a maximum of 6 or 7 per class depending on level. Our Kickers or Explorers classes with no parent in the pool have a maximum of 4 swimmers



All venues have space for spectators, and for parents to watch classes if not in the water.

Half Hour Weekly Group Lesson - £11.50

Half Hour Weekly Additional Sibling Discount - £10.50

Single Class Booking - £13

Half Hour Private Class (1-1 or 1-2 format) - £31.50

Lesson Prices
Child swims in swimming pool, playing and having fun, underwater and above view, kids spor

Underwater Skills

Dippers classes introduce babies to the water gently, and we listen to their responses as they relax and enjoy the movement of the water. Gentle underwater swims can be a part of Dippers and Splashers lessons if little ones are happy, and are a lovely way to experience their natural affinity with water. Your instructor will pay attention to each individual baby in class, guiding you and watching out for those cues to stay on the surface where needed.


Full submersion as babies is not vital to the programme, nor in learning how to be confident or happy in the water, so we will also guide you through a large range of skills to develop water confidence and relaxation together.

All new starters to the programme in any level above Splashers will build confidence on the surface first, and learn the cues to enter the water or blow bubbles where appropriate before moving to underwater dives, jumps and swims.


Sibling and Twin Courses

Sibling Courses

These are the perfect interim swimming lesson when you have a toddler who isn't ready to swim on their own, and a new baby ready to start on their swimming journey. We run with smaller numbers than group classes so your instructor can give specific attention and guidance, and help toddlers learn to move freely with floats, and make the steps to lesson on their own. At the same time, babies can begin to grow in confidence in the water and complete activities from our baby programme. 

Twin classes

These lessons run for little ones aged 2-4years and need just one adult in the pool. These courses will also run with smaller numbers than full groups to enable your instructor to guide and help them become more independent in the pool, and start their journey to water confidence.. and to lessons without you in the pool!

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