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Terms and Conditions

Oxford Swimming Academy provides these Terms and Conditions to allow all those joining and attending lessons to have the information required, and to provide the conditions of which we offer lessons.


Should you have any questions surrounding any of these Terms and Conditions, please ensure you contact the Oxford Swimming Academy office prior to rebooking/topping up your account. In making payment for a booking (via direct transfer or online through the HomePortal) you will confirm acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.


In this document, ‘Oxford Swimming Academy Classes’ covers all classes from our Splash Academy right through to Adult Lessons, and includes all Group, Shared Private or Private lessons, term time or in the holidays, and those lessons taking place at private venues. 

1. Communication 


1.1 In the event you need to contact us, please use our office email address:


Our office phone number can also be used:

07870 662483


In the event of emergency contact required outside of office hours (an evening booking for example) please text the office number so we can respond to you.


Our Registered Address:

24 Mary Ellis Way


OX29 7BH

1.2 Contacting you

In the event we need to contact you, we will email the address details we have on file. If we need to contact you at short notice, we will call or text the number held on file.

2. Booking Format 

2.1 Group Term Time Lessons

Classes run in a continuous programme, throughout the term dates issued on the Oxford Swimming Academy Website and in making a payment to join lessons, you are agreeing to commit to this class place during the dates that lessons are running.

Payment amount options of 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks are given in order to provide affordable payments for our swimmers whilst enrolled in our programme.


2.2 Holiday Intensive Lessons, Summer Booster Courses and ad hoc Private Classes.

Classes are booked in advance, and bookings are for a set number of lessons only. These courses are standalone bookings, and do not guarantee a place in any further courses after the completion of the lessons booked. 


2.3 Private Lessons

2.3.1 All year round Weekly Private Class places at venues that run through some holidays are enrolled in the same format as Group Term Time Lessons, but options will also be given for more regular smaller payment amounts.


2.3.2 Weekly Private Class places at venues that do not run in the holidays are enrolled in the same format as All year round Weekly Private Class places, but credits are carried across any lessons not running as per the term dates online and these dates are not charged. 


2.4 Shared Private Lessons run at specific venues and are enrolled as per All year round and Weekly Private Classes above. 


2.4 Private Venues run in agreed term dates with the pool owner and swimmers, and are booked in specific ad hoc dates, or as weekly regular lessons and follow the same format as ad hoc or regular lessons.

3. Payment 


3.1 Initial Bookings

Lessons are paid for in an initial payment in advance of classes. When you are ready to book, an email will be sent out with the venue details, start date, class time and initial payment amount required to begin. It will also contain the payment details for the required bank transfer and the date by which payment is due. 

3.2 Initial Booking Confirmation 

After making an initial direct transfer payment to join lessons, a booking confirmation email will be sent within two working days. Please ensure that you check to receive this email as this contains the details of your class. It is also the same system that will send any cancellation emails or updates should they be required. If you do not receive this your place is not guaranteed.

3.3 Making Payments - Top Up Payments 

In order to continue in lessons, a new payment and then subsequent payments should be made before the account expires. Payment should be made on time (before the start of the last class on the account) unless notice is given that you wish to end your class place. 


3.4 Booking Confirmations - Top Up Payments

An automated email is sent when a top up payment is made. Please ensure that you receive this email as this contains the details of your class and if not received then your booking may not be completed. If you make a payment and do not receive this email please ensure you contact the Office to confirm. Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any incomplete bookings without customer communication that may result in a lesson not taking place, and charges may still be applied.


3.5 Sibling Discount

Sibling Discount will be applied to any additional siblings joining group term time lessons, and not on the initial swimmer booked on. Please note that this discount is not applicable on Holiday courses, Summer Booster Courses or in conjunction with any Private Lessons. 

3.6 Holiday Courses and Summer Booster Courses

Payment for Holiday Courses and Summer Booster Courses should be made in advance, and all bookings should be made via direct transfer using the information on the booking email. 


4. Payment Accounts 

4.1 Unpaid Accounts

If you are unable to make payment for any reason please contact the Oxford Swimming Academy Office in advance (email or text) to advise us you are unable to make payment. Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for delays in payment due to system errors, or delays in communication, and charges may still be applied if we are notified after a booking has ended without notice.


4.2 Unpaid Accounts - Charges

Should payment not be received on time and the account expires, and you wish to rebook back on to lessons (if a place is available) the following charges will be applied:


Within one week of an account expiring, there will be no fee should this happen once, however should payment be delayed twice in a three month time period, then a charge of one full lesson fee will be deducted from the new payment.


Within two weeks of an account expiring, a charge of one full lesson fee will be deducted from the new payment.


Please note that there is no guarantee a class place will still be open for booking should an account expire, and no payment should be made until the office has confirmed and requested payment. 

4.3 Unpaid Accounts - Payment System Errors

If you have any trouble using the online payment system, and are unable to complete a booking, please contact the office by email/text as soon as possible and before a booking expires. The office will advise how to move forwards, but please do not send money via direct transfer unless you are instructed to do so. 


In the event of an account expiring, and no communication from you to attempt to make payment, we reserve the right to apply the above charges. 

4.4 Personal Details 


Please ensure that your details (names, phone numbers, and email addresses) are up to date and ensure that you are receiving email reminders for payment. 


If there are any updates on Medical Conditions, Learning Support, or any information that will help us  in providing lessons, please ensure that you email or arrange a time to discuss this with a member of the office staff.

5. Cancellation 


5.1 Group Class Cancellation (by Customer)

Upon receipt of the two lesson payment reminder, should you wish to finish classes, we require notice (an email is acceptable) to inform us that you wish to stop lessons. There are no charges to leave lessons, but notification is required in order that we can offer the class place out to the waiting list. 


If you wish to leave lessons but do not have a payment option for the number of weeks you wish to complete before leaving, please let the office know in order that we can process this request where possible.


If you wish to cancel a booking which has been confirmed with payment, up to 7 working days before the first lesson, then we will charge 10% of the booking amount that was paid and the remainder refunded. If you wish to cancel a booking, which has been confirmed with payment, 5 working days or less before the booking start date, then we will charge 50% of the booking, and the remainder will be refunded.


5.2 Private Lessons (by Customer)

Cancellation of a private lesson, or several lesson dates can be done with advanced notice to the Oxford Swimming Academy Office (email or text). We require 7 days notice minimum for cancellation of a lesson/s. If we receive this notice period or more, the session will be removed from your booking and not charged. If we receive less notice than this, the lesson will be charged as normal unless we can fill the space. You will be notified if the session has been filled and whether the session will be charged.


5.3 Shared Private Lessons 

These can be cancelled in the same format as for Private Lessons, but both attendees must cancel the lesson. This session will then not be charged to either swimmer.


5.4. Holiday Courses

If you book a class and the lesson level is not correct after attending the first class, the remaining 4 lessons can be rebooked at the right level if available, on the same or alternative course. If there is no space available then the remaining lessons will be refunded only. Cancellation of these classes applies the same as term time lessons


5.4.1 Weather

Should you be attending at an outdoor venue, lessons will run unless cancelled by the Oxford Swimming Academy Office. Lessons will run regardless of the weather unless in the case of heavy continuous rain, or thunder and lightening. Lessons will be subject to cancellations as per 5.5.1 and 5.5.2. Every care is taken to ensure lessons are cancelled in advance where appropriate.

5.5 Class Cancellations (by Oxford Swimming Academy)

Lesson cancellations are sent out via an automated system. This will be an email sent for lessons cancelled with over 48hours notice for cancellation, and for less than 48hours notice, a text and an email will be sent.


5.5.1 If a venue is closed for any reason or staff are unable to teach, then we will credit the lesson amount to your account. If we have a catch up lesson for you, then this will be offered as a replacement session and if attended then no credit or refund will be applicable. If this is a final class and you are finishing lessons and no replacement session is attended, then the lesson will be refunded.


5.5.2 If a half hour lesson is stopped for any reason with 10 or more minutes completed, then we are unable to to credit this lesson amount to your account. Please note that this is at the instructor’s timings and the Oxford Swimming Academy’s office discretion. If less than 10 minutes of the lesson have taken place, then a catch up lesson offered, or a credit will be applied, or refund applicable if no further lessons have been booked. 


5.5 Long Term Venue Closures 

If we are advised for any reason that we are not able to continue lessons at a venue, every effort will be made to accommodate swimmers in alternative venues. Any lessons cancelled will be refunded if no class place is located.


5.6 Changes of Teacher - Short Notice

If we are unable to provide your usual teacher, every effort will be made to locate the appropriate cover teacher. We will notify you if we have enough time to do this, but occasionally due to short term health or travel issues this is not always possible. Oxford Swimming Academy will not be able to refund or credit lessons that are not attended/or participation does not happen due to any teacher change. 


5.6.1 In the event your child has additional needs on file (ASD for example) and we give longer than 48 hours notice for a teacher change then we will charge for the lesson regardless of participation with a cover teacher provided, although every effort will be made to ensure a familiar face covers the class. If we are unable to provide 48 hours notice, then we will attempt to contact you before class and you will have the choice to attend or not, with any missed lesson being credited.


5.6.2 In order for 5.6.1 to occur, the appropriate Medical Conditions/Additional Needs should be held on file. To check if this has been done for you, please access your Home Portal and click ‘Account’ and this will show a tick if we have Medical Conditions or Additional Needs on File. Oxford Swimming Academy is unable to process any refunds if this section is not updated and we do not have the relevant details on file.

6. Waiting Lists 

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. There is a set maximum number of participants in each class, so if we are unable to confirm a class place, you will be added to the waiting list. As soon as a class place in the appropriate class/level becomes available, we will notify you. If you no longer wish to be on the waiting list, please notify us as soon as possible. Should you send registration details to be added to a waiting list, we will email any additional new venues/holiday courses as they open unless you request otherwise.

7. Attendance 

7.1 Catch Up Classes

Your lesson payment reserves a place in your class for you. Should you not be able to attend your regular lesson for any reason, please let the office know (text or email) and we will automatically register you for a Catch Up Class. 


7.1.1 A Catch Up Class is a lesson at an alternative day/venue and time to your normal lesson, and this may mean you swim more than once per week. Catch Up Classes are only bookable if you are in paid up lessons (your account is active) and must be taken within 6 months of your missed class. If you are unable to attend your Catch Up Class for any reason or due to ill health please contact the office, and we will try to rebook this for you where possible, or we will add you to the registration for a further three months only. 


7.1.2 Please note that Catch Up Classes are not guaranteed/depend on availability and should we not be able to provide one for any reason or you are unable to attend a booked one, no refund/credit is due.


7.1.3 Catch Up Classes will not be provided for those who miss lessons Holiday Intensive , Summer Booster Courses, or ad hoc private lessons.


7.1.4 If a swimmer has a serious long-term health issue, an operation, or has been given a medical reason why they are not able to swim, please contact the office as soon as possible. Oxford Swimming Academy will decide, subject to seeing a medical certificate where required, and will decide if these lessons can be transferred to the following term. (This is at the discretion of the Oxford Swimming Academy office, and applies to lessons moving forwards – no backdated lessons can be included).


7.2 Participation 

7.2.1 If your child is booked onto a course of lessons, and does not enter the water/refuses to participate in the class/es, we are not able to refund the class/es, but will endeavour to work to find the best course of action with you, and to locate an alternative but this is not guaranteed. The normal period for cancelling lessons will apply, and no refunds given.


7.2.2 We do however offer a 3 week cancellation period for all children’s term time group classes (age 4yrs+) If your child does not enter the water, does not participate, or you are not happy with classes and we receive notice (email or text) of this at any time prior to 4 days before the 4th class, then you are entitled to a full refund of the initial direct transfer payment. If no communication is received to the office directly (email or text) or a request are received after the deadline then no refund or credit is owed.


7.3 Trial Classes

We offer a free Trial Class to our Splash Academy Swimmers, except those swimming at seasonal venues and this offer is open to all new Swimmers to the programme. Only one trial class can be taken per swimmer, and this offer is not open to those swimming in our Children’s or Adult lessons unless specifically mentioned under a one time offer. If a Trial Class is cancelled for any reason, then we will endeavour to provide the next available date, but this is not guaranteed. 

8. Photography and Videography

8.1.1 Photography is not permitted under any circumstance in lessons where there are no parents in the pool and not in any adult classes.


8.1.2 Splash Academy classes have on the surface photography only permitted in the following circumstances:


  • If the whole class of adults/guardians have given consent for photos to be taken

  • If the photos are taken without intrusion into the lesson or providing a disturbance to class

  • With no flashes or loud noises

  • If the venue permits photos being taken


8.1.3 In the event an Instructor feels these rules are not being followed, or that photos or those taking photos from the side are distracting the class, then they will not be permitted.


8.1.4 There is strictly no photography permitted in the changing rooms or anywhere in the pool building.


8.2 Videography (Filming of Classes)

8.2.1 Filming covers any videos, FaceTime, online apps or any videography.


8.2.2 There is strictly no filming of any Oxford Swimming Academy Lessons or any filming permitted at any point in any venue. 


8.2.3 Should anyone suspected of filming be asked, all footage must be deleted. 


8.2.4 Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any footage or photographs taken without consent, or these images/films being used in any subsequent actions. 

9. Disclosing Medical Conditions/Additional Needs

9.1 When making an initial booking with us, if answering ‘yes’ to any medical conditions/additional needs, and you complete your booking with payment, you are confirming you have checked all conditions with a medical professional prior to starting classes. Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any incidents/accidents or ill health that may arise from swimming with known, or unknown medical conditions. 


9.2 Medical conditions applies to ongoing health, for example but not limited to, eye sight/hearing, asthma, epilepsy, allergies, learning needs and heart conditions. Additional Needs applies to but is not limited to, ASD, ADHD and Learning and Speech Development Delays 


9.3 Any Medical Conditions/Additional Needs must be disclosed for the health and safety of all involved in lessons, and we take no responsibility for any incidents, accidents or ill health that occurs from swimming in classes, and from the non disclosure of these conditions. 

The responsibility in this booking is also included of those medical conditions relating to any relative/carer who may bring your child swimming. If you have any updated Medical Conditions/Additional Needs for either yourself or a child, you must ensure that the office is made aware of these in writing, and not just to the instructor in class.


9.4 Medical conditions must be disclosed to Oxford Swimming Academy regarding the health of the parent/carer, the child(ren), or those who you have placed your child(ren) in care with for the purpose of attending swimming lessons. All information received is treated with sensitivity, but is vital to the health and safety of all swimmers. This information is kept on our system, and not shared with any other party, other than the note for the instructor taking the class.


10. Pool Rules 

10.1 All Splash Academy Swimmers must follow the below rules in addition to little ones wearing the double nappy system (More information found in Section 14 and online in our Splash Academy Swimming Guidance)


10.2 Swimmers must not eat at least 1 hour before the start time of their lesson. (Advise on feeding babies can be found in our online guidance)


10.2.1 All swimmers (except Splash Academy) should be wearing swimming hats.

10.2.2 All jewellery/hair clips should be removed before entering the water. Plasters should also be removed and no chewing gum is permitted in lessons. Adult swimmers should remove make up before entering the water.


10.2.3 No outdoor shoes are permitted on poolside or in changing rooms.


10.2.4 All rubbish and any dirty nappies should be left in the appropriate bin where applicable. Where noted at certain venues, nappies and rubbish should be taken home. Nappies must not be left in open bins, even outside of the venue, and if bins are full, nappies/rubbish must be taken home.


10.2.5 No food or drink is permitted in changing rooms or on poolside, except for water in glass free bottles


10.2.6 Please do not arrive for lessons more than 10-15 minutes before the start time of the class, unless instructed to do so, and changing after lessons should be no longer than 15minutes unless indicated otherwise. 


10.2.7 All children in lessons should have showered, have hats and goggles fitted and be ready to start at the class time, so this does not delay the start of the lesson. Instructors are not responsible for putting on hats and goggles. 


10.2.8 All children in lessons leaving to go to the toilet must be supervised by their parent/carer at all times, and the instructor notified before they leave and return to the lesson. All children (under the age of 18) must have a parent/guardian at the venue at all times and they are responsible for their child if they need to leave the pool for any reason.


10.2.9 All children on poolside, and all adults waiting for classes should ensure they are waiting quietly poolside. No siblings, spectators or adults/children waiting for lessons are permitted to be in the water, sitting/lying on the edge with their feet/arms in the pool.


10.2.10 Swimmers, parents/carers and spectators are requested not to interrupt or distract the pupils in the class where possible unless it is a matter of health and safety. All swimmers, parents/carers and spectators, are to refrain from running, shouting, jumping, throwing items and generally disruptive behaviour. 


10.2.11 In all changing rooms (that are non communal) parents/guardians taking children in to change must use the changing room that applies to the parent/guardian. Once children are 8 years or able to change without supervision, children should enter the appropriate changing room for them. If you need any assistance then please ask the Oxford Swimming Academy office.


10.2.12 Should adults wish to use any changing mats that are provided for little ones, please ensure these are returned back on leaving the venue, and left in the condition they were found.

11. Parking and On Site Speed Limits


11.1 All swimmers, parents/carers or spectators must ensure that they park with due care and consideration, and that all speed limits on site are strictly adhered to. Please see the relevant pool page for information on parking at the venue.


11.2 Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any incidents involving parking, driving on site or any accidents at the venues they use.

12. Lost Property

Please ensure that you take all items and belongings home with you after swimming. If an item is left behind, please contact the office directly and we will do our best to locate this for you. Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on premises (whether in the pool, changing rooms, or entrances, grounds or car parking areas).

13. Hygiene and Health and Safety


13.1 Always change your baby or child on the floor using a suitable changing mat. 


13.2 Do not use raised benches, trolleys or tables. Some venues have appropriate changing tables, and the age restrictions on these must be followed. No food is to be consumed by Babies/Toddlers on changing mats.


13.3 At the request of all pool owners, all nappy bins should only be used if they are not full and overflowing. If you are unable to use a nappy bin, all nappies should be taken home with you and not disposed of in an open bin at any location on a pool site. 


13.4 Buggies and car seats are not permitted in the changing rooms.


13.5 Smoking is not permitted at any venue or any venue grounds.


13.6 For the health and safety of all swimmers and instructors, swimming should not take place if you or your little one have the following: Ear Infections, Scarlet Fever, Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, Covid 19, Temperatures or Heavy Colds.


13.7 Anyone entering the water should be 48 hours clear after suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea unless given guidance otherwise from a suspected illness. If you are in any doubt, we advise checking with a doctor before attending class.

14. Swimwear, Hats and Goggles 


Splash Academy Swimmers 

14.1 All swimmers under the age of 3, and those who are not fully potty trained of any age, must be wearing the double nappy system. Please see our Baby and Toddler Information page for full information on this nappy system. Instructors have the right to not permit entrance to the pool unless the correct items are being worn and are fitted correctly. 


14.2 Please contact the office if you have any questions about older children with sensory requirements for swimming hats/goggles, or appropriate swimwear for older children who may not be fully toilet trained. 


14.3 Swimwear on top of these items are permitted, swim tops, bottoms, swimsuits etc but the double nappy system must be worn below.


14.4 Goggles are not permitted in our Splash Academy for swimmers under the age of 2.5 years. Over this age, please ask your instructor if your child would benefit from them before bringing them to class. For any medical reasons please contact the office directly

Children’s Lessons 

14.3 Boys over the age of 4years old in Children’s Lessons should wear fitted shorts, and girls must be wearing a fitted swimsuit or sleeved rash vest and bottoms - bikinis or crop tops are not permitted in a lesson environment.


14.4 Goggles are permitted in classes, and should be fitted correctly before lessons begin. 


14.5 Swimming hats should be worn by all swimmers. Please contact the office if your child has sensory difficulties in wearing a swimming hat.

Adult Lessons

14.6 All swimmers should wear swimming hats and goggles if required. Swimwear should be appropriate for lessons and practical for learning to swim.

15. Responsibility

15.1 All users of swimming pools used by Oxford Swimming Academy should ensure they are familiar with the rules and procedures for that venue. Should swimmers change venues, it is their responsibility to ensure they are familiar with the new venues rules. All pool rules can be located under the relevant pool information on our website. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child(ren) at all times on site, including car parks, grounds, changing and entrance areas. Children should always be under the direct supervision of an adult not participating in a lesson, and all spectator siblings and children must be directly supervised and not permitted to run or walk unattended on poolside or in the facility.


15.2 Parents/Guardians should remain in the pool building at all times during lessons when their child(ren) is/are swimming. Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any incident or accident on any sites, due to negligence by parents/carers in this matter. Oxford Swimming Academy also takes no responsibility for any swimming actions/swimming incidents outside of classes by any swimmers, their parents/carers or spectators of lessons.


15.3 All parents/carers of swimmers booked onto courses are responsible for ensuring anyone spectating/arriving at venues, or participating, are fully aware of these Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct. Oxford Swimming Academy takes no responsibility for any incident, or accident that is caused by anyone who is attending any lessons or venues, who have not been made aware of these Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct.


15.4 Swimmers must not enter the water/put their feet in the water without being invited to do so by the instructor, and swimmers in the first session at a venue should not enter the building if there is no Oxford Swimming Academy instructor or pool supervisor on site. If the door is open and/or there are people from another pool hire (not Oxford Swimming Academy) present, then swimmers and spectators must wait outside until their instructor or pool supervisor makes it clear they may enter.


15.5 It is the responsibility of parents/guardians and spectators to keep changing rooms and venues as clean and tidy as possible by taking all rubbish and dirty nappies home with them, and not eating in the changing rooms or on poolside. 


15.6 An adult in all cases of attendance and supervision means someone over the age of 18. 

16. Assessments 

Swimming Assessments are completed regularly and not part of an assessment week. Instructors will allocate awards and badges where appropriate and once skills have been shown regularly. Oxford Swimming Academy does not issue badges on request, and only once we are confident swimmers can achieve skills safely.


16.1 Assessment Updates - Teachers will update the system regularly, and you can access criteria by logging into the Home Portal. It will show what is completed and what needs work. Should you wish to discuss you/your child’s progress, please email the office to arrange a time to discuss this, and once we have discussed this with your instructor.

17. Teachers/ Training Teachers 

All teachers working will have the appropriate standard of Swimming Teaching qualification, DBS, Safeguarding Qualification and Rescue Award for the venue in which they work. In addition to this, teachers are required to provide the Oxford Swimming Academy office with continued professional updates as well as additional qualifications they hold in the field. Splash Academy teachers all have Baby and PreSchool qualifications on top of these requirements, and they have received in house Oxford Swimming Academy tuition by an STA Aquatic Tutor before beginning classes. 

18. Data Protection and Security 


Oxford Swimming Academy does not share information with anyone, Instructors are only made aware of any Medical or Additional Needs to help provide the appropriate support in the pool. 


The Course Pro system (Fitronics) is used to hold information on swimmers and their contact details for communication, and all Data held by them is secured by their GDPR and Safety Regulations. 

19. Website Information 


All information on the website is correct at the time of updating. Oxford Swimming Academy holds no responsibility for any out of date or incorrect information on the website, and upholds standards on the information provided for all swimmers and their safety. 


20. Complaints Procedure 


Should you wish to make a complaint about your swimming lessons for any reason, or the administrative staff, please direct your complaints to Abigail Parkin ( All complaints will be forwarded to the correct channels and we will do our best to help. Any complaints will be treated fairly and in confidence. 

21. Changes to Terms and Conditions/Code of Conduct


From time to time, Oxford Swimming Academy may update these Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct to reflect changes in our business or obligations. The new version will be available on our website. This updated version will be available when booking/topping up lessons and will take effect immediately. Making a new payment will be a confirmation that you have accepted and read the new Terms and Conditions.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any information or questions you may have around these documents. Oxford Swimming Academy does however advise that non acceptance of Terms and Conditions may result in you being asked to not continue your swimming journey with us at the office's discretion. 

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