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Baby and Toddler Swimming 

Essential Information for your First Class


The Double Nappy System - ages 12 weeks (or 12lbs) to ages 3 years 

All Babies and Children up to the age of 3, or those who are not fully potty trained, must be wearing the Double Nappy System. They must wear a disposable, or a reusable swimming nappy and over the top of this, they must wear what is called a Happy Nappy. It is a reusable, neoprene pair of shorts which does all the hard work, and saves many accidents from escaping into the pool! It must be well fitted, and your instructor will check it before entering the pool. Children can wear swimsuits, tops/shorts over it, but they must be wearing the double system underneath.


We hold a small kit of items to borrow for anyone who is attending a taster lesson, or for your first class if you don’t yet have one, or in case you arrive at the pool one week and it no longer fits, or isn’t in your swimming bag! If you book a course of lessons, then you will need to purchase items for your little one to use each week. There are good deals to be found if they are purchased alongside a wetsuit. They can also be purchased second hand if you wish as long as it is still a good fit.


All little ones are very different with how they feel in the water,  some babies love 30 degree pools, and some toddlers struggle in 32-34 degree pools! We recommend that all swimmers under the age of 6 months wear one, and all swimmers under 12 months in cooler pools, as a good neoprene wetsuit can add a feeling of 2 degrees more to the pool.  

There are now a range of suits that have the Happy Nappy inside (with arms on to keep them extra snuggly) and these are a great way to reduce the number of items you have to bring! A reusable swimming nappy can be worn, or disposable, underneath and the arms of the suit helps to keep the water out and keep them warm. There are also a range of items with long arms and long legs, which are fleece lined, for those who are younger beginning lessons, or who may just feel the cold a little more!


Just check that whatever your little one is wearing does not restrict your little ones movement. 

Feeding before class

Babies – Milk Only

Please do not hesitate to feed your little one right up to half an hour before the class starts. It is always tricky getting the sleep, food combination before the first class, but please don’t worry if you’ve fed them a little closer to class than normal. As long as they are not taking solid food, there is no worry!


Babies and Toddlers – Solid Food

Please make sure all little ones who take food as well as milk, have no solid food an hour before class, and just milk up to half an hour before. Once children have moved onto food, no solid food should be consumed an hour before swimming where possible to avoid any accidents in the pool.

What to bring to class and arriving for lessons

Please try not to arrive at the changing rooms more than 10-15 minutes before your class time (check your specific venue page for these details) to enable previous classes to use clear the venue. Changing after classes is limited to 15minutes, however some venues have space to feed after class, please check the venue information on the pool you are attending. Please check the updated venue information on the relevant pool page.

We do also ask that car seats are not brought onto poolside or changing rooms, as these can be a trip hazard for swimmers, and spectators


Finally - a few handy tips!


-If possible, wear shoes that are easy to remove as you will have to take them off before entering poolside.

-Take a hat for your little one for after lessons to keep them cosy!

-Make sure you have checked the venue information on your arrival email for the pool you are attending, so you are familiar with where to park/change etc. 

- Don't be tempted to pop your little one in their swimwear/swim nappy before you get to the pool - if your swimming nappy is dirty it won't do its job in the pool, and you may need a spare one/ to complete an extra change

For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact the office, and we will be happy to help. We hope you have a great first class!

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