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Kingfisher School

Kingfisher School, Radley Road, Abingdon, OX14 3RR

Kingfisher School is a fantastic warm water venue, with both shallow standing depth, and deeper water. Lessons run on Fridays after school, and are perfect for ages 4 years upwards.

Children's Lessons on Fridays 

(Short Waiting list for other levels and times)

6.30pm - Swimming 15-25m (Ages 8-10yrs)

7pm - Swimming 10m (Ages 8-10yrs)

Already booked into lessons?

 If you are already booked in for after school classes, please find the venue information below. 

Arriving at the venue

The venue has large gates and these are open once the school day has finished. There is parking on site at the venue and all spaces may be used during our session as the school is not in use. There is also additional parking on street, and on side roads nearby should the car park be full. 

 Please do not arrive at the venue more than 10 minutes before class begins.

Please do not enter the building before 5.20pm unless a member of Oxford Swimming Academy Staff is present.

Important Information

- Please note that the entrance from the changing rooms to poolside is at the deep end of the pool, and as such all siblings and swimmers should be supervised at all times for safety.​ 

- Swimming hats are required at this venue for all swimmers aged 4 years upwards.

- We ask please that all swimmers waiting for a class (on your initial arrival) wait in the changing rooms and only come through to poolside less than five minutes before class starts. This helps to limit noise and distractions for the classes taking place.

- The Instructor will call your child round to class when your class begins. Please ensure that children do not enter the water until their Instructor has cleared the previous class and has asked for attendance.

- Whilst waiting during lessons, all children and siblings attending should remain safely supervised on poolside, and at no point should adults/children sit with their legs in/enter the water during lessons. 

- We understand some children/parents may be waiting poolside for a full class whilst their child/sibling attends lessons, and we ask please that everyone remains seated as best as possible and to limit noise and distractions.

Changing and Spectating

Please ensure all shoes and socks are removed in the entrance foyer before entering the changing rooms. There are both male and female changing, female to the left, male to the right, and these both have entrances onto poolside through the showers. 

There is space for spectators on poolside, although there is not much seating, and we ask that all spectators remain on the poolside by the changing rooms entrances. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the pool!

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