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Home Portal Guidance

What is the Home Portal for?

The Home Portal (CoursePro) system is designed to enable you to track your (or your child's) swimming progress. It allows you to check the details we hold on file, check how many lessons you have left, send any cancellations or awards, and allows you make an online top up payment to remain in class. 

I am new swimmer, how do I register?

Upon receipt of your initial direct transfer payment, a booking email from the system will be sent to you. This will include the link for the site, along with the details to log in. Clicking this link (or clicking 'Member's Log In' on our website) will take you the page needed. you will need to Activate your account firstly clicking the 'Activate' Button.

You will need to add the Member Number (included on your booking email and may begin 10000..) and click 'Find Member'. It will then ask for a security check (please  select and enter date of birth) and continue. It will ask you to add the email you have used for booking, and set up a password and tick to confirm you have read our Terms and Conditions and you are done. Upon receipt of your email you will need to simply click the link and it will take you straight to log in!

How do I know I am booked/I am not receiving emails?

Please ensure that you receive your first booking confirmation email, without this you do not have a confirmed booking. Please check your junk mail initially to check and mark the email address as 'friendly' so they begin to go to your inbox. If you have completed the above Activation or have not had a booking email and believe you should have done, please contact the office email (

How do I log in?

either click the 'Member Log in' button on our website, or pop into your search engine, or use the link on your top up emails. Please note this will only work if you are in paid up lessons.

I have more than one child booked, how do I add them to one account?

When you are logged in, please see your current child's details on the left, and then click 'Add Member' underneath to attach a new child's records. Please have their Member Number ready to enter along with date of birth. 

I am unable to log in to the system or it says 'number not recognised'

It may be that we don't have the correct details for you or your child on file. Please email the office with your name, date of birth and we will ensure this is updated.

How do I make payment?

When a top up payment is due, the system will email the details we hold on file and inform you there are 2 lessons left and a new payment can be accepted. You will also then get an email with just 1 lesson left and notifying you when your account will expire. A section on the 'Overview' page will appear and you can simply click this, drop down to the number of lessons you wish to book, and then make payment online. 


How do I know my payment has been accepted?

Once a payment has been received, and automated email will be sent, confirming your booking. If you don't receive this your booking may not have been completed successfully. Please contact the office if you have any trouble and ensure this is done before your class booking expires. 

Can't find the information you were looking for?. .. Don't hesitate to ask the office if you have any specific questions, and we will be happy to help!

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