Baby Swimming Classes

(3-18 months)

Swimming is fantastic for developing your baby's coordination and strength, and is a wonderful way to stimulate their senses, whilst it begins them on the journey to learning such an important life skill. 


Beginner classes are designed for you to help your baby to relax and enjoy the water, whilst giving them the sensations and freedom of movement that the water can give them. ​Lessons build on your baby's natural affinity with the water, and you can enjoy the special bonding time that comes with those first splashes and swims together!

 As little ones move through the programme, we add skills and increase movement in the pool, along with introducing new songs and activities which match with their development. Water safety skills are also introduced from the beginning... all of which works together to build all round water confidence!

Why Swim With Us?

  • Free Trial class available, and a 4 week initial enrolment option.

  • Spectators welcome at all our venues!

  • Easy and flexible online payments - choose from 4, 6, 9 or 12 weeks on each payment.

  • Collect swimming badges along the way, at no extra cost, to celebrate your little one's achievements!

  • Sibling discounts available.

  • A maximum of 6 per class.

  • We offer a catch up lesson where possible if you miss a class (see terms and conditions for full details).

  • A passionate and highly qualified team, bringing experience from years of swimming teaching.

Underwater Swims

Underwater swims can be a part of the first two swimming levels if babies are enjoying them, and are they a lovely way to experience their natural affinity with water. They are not vital to the programme however, and in our opinion, are also not vital to learning to swim. With smaller numbers in class, your instructor will pay attention to each individual baby, guiding you in what to look for, and watching out for those cues to stay on the surface if needed. 

 Submersions are slowly phased out after the first two levels as babies continue to move through the programme, with special water confidence activities and skills introduced for little ones to relax, take control and take the next steps of full water confidence. 

Enquire with us to find a class!




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